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10 Christian podcasts to grow your faith

Posted by Anne Witton on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Under: Random stuff

This is the third post in my series on recommended podcasts and there are some absolute gems to discover.

(1) Nomad 
Topic: Interviews with Christian thinkers
Frequency: Fortnightly
Run time: Variable. Usually about 90 mins.
This is my current favourite and I listen to it while I’m swimming (on a waterproof MP3 player). Tim and David present a fascinating showcase of thoughtful viewpoints. Topics range from ecology, uncertainty and consumerism to LGBT identity, the arts, and mission-shaped evangelism. Guests include Rowan Williams, Shane Claiborne, Eve Tushnet, Tom Wight, Scot McKnight and Steve Chalke.

(2) Audiomission from the Church Mission Society 
Topic: Mission
Frequency: Monthly
Run time: 20 mins
It’s great to have such a range of voices sharing their experiences of cross-cultural mission in a whole range of contexts. Explores the theology, nature and practice of mission globally and locally.

(3) Exploring My Strange Bible 
Topic: Bible study
Frequency: Weekly
Run time: 40 - 60mins
This is the personal podcast of Tim Mackie of the Bible Project. It’s a great collection of teachings and lectures working systematically through books of the Bible.

(4) GodPod
Topic: Theology
Frequency: Monthly
Run time: 30 mins
Hosts Graham, Jane and Mike from St. Paul’s Theological College tackle a range of fascinating theological issues and listener questions. Also features guest interviews from the likes of Graham Tomlin, Justin Brierley, Marilynne Robinson  and Professor Kathryn Tanner.

(5) Greg Boyd ReKnew
Topic: Apologetics, theology and Christian living
Frequency: Daily
Run time: 5 mins
For those with lots of questions but not much time, this is a brilliant podcast. Greg gives pithy answers to all sorts of questions like ‘Would a Loving God Create a Box that Killed Anyone Who Touched It?’ and ‘Why Take ‘Turn the Other Cheek’ Seriously and Not Divorce?’

(6) 5 mins in church history
Topic: Church history
Frequency: Weekly
Run time: 5 mins
Dr. Stephen Nichols looks at a whole range of significant people, places and events that have shaped the church today. From big names like Calvin, Augustine and Milton, to more obscure figures like John Colet, and events such as The Reformation and the discovery of John Knox’s Bible, these fascinating insights are excellent at placing our faith in its historical context.

(7) Quantum of Solas
Topic: Christian look at the news and current affairs
Frequency: Monthly
Run time: 20 - 30mins
This is a weekly round up of news and views from the SOLAS Centre For Public Christianity, presented by David Robertson and Al Smith. Recent episodes have covered Brexit, transgender issues, Steve Chalke, fake news, religious liberty and Atheist fundamentalism.

(8) The Sacred Podcast 
Topic: Interviews with a range of public figures
Frequency: Weekly
Run time: 40 - 60 mins
The Sacred is a new podcast hosted by Elizabeth Oldfield, the director of Theos, the UK's leading religion and society think tank. It’s all about the state of our public conversations and how we might conduct them more fruitfully. Each episode features an in-depth interview with writers, thinkers, activists, comedians, community leaders and others.

(9) The Gospel Coalition (TGC) 
Topic: Theology and Christian life
Frequency: Twice a week
Run time: 10 - 60 mins
Lots of teaching from prominent conservative Reformed thinkers like Tim Keller, John Piper and Don Carson. There are lectures, sermons, discussions and interviews on a variety of topics including the role of women, preaching, parenting, C. S. Lewis and work.

(10) OnScript 
Topic: Biblical scholarship
Frequency: Every two weeks
Run time: 45 - 60 mins
Presented by Matt, Matt, Dru and Erin, OnScript is a fascinating discussion with guest scholars looking at the latest developments in biblical scholarship, from ‘Adoption in Galatians and Romans’ to ‘New Testament Christology’.

You may also be interested in 12 of my favourite podcasts and 10 more great podcasts.

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