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Freshers' Week Prayer Diary 2016

Posted by Anne Witton on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Under: Ministry

It's that time of the year when we get excited about welcoming new students to Newcastle from all over the nation and the globe. At Student Life, we have a wide range of activities designed to welcome new students, build friendships and engage people in spiritual questions and exploring Jesus' claims for themselves.

Here's the timetable of stuff we've got planned so far. Please pray for each of the events and that we will be a real blessing to the students, that lots of people will join in and our community will grow, and that many students will get to share in the wonderful news of the gospel.

Fri 9 Sept | 
Welcoming students to Trinity Square Halls
Sat 10 Sept | Welcoming students to Trinity Square Halls     
Mon 12 Sept, 10am - 4pm | Northumbria Coach Lane campus Freshers' Fair
Tues 13 Sept, 6pm | “How to be English” event for international students
Weds 14 Sept, 10am - 4pm | Freshers' Fair at Northumbria Uni
Thurs 15 Sept, 2pm | Park Life
Thurs 15 Sept, 6pm | Weekly Hub – Embracing change    
Fri 16 Sept, 6pm | Pancake social
Sat 17 Sept, 10am | A – Z Challenge (finishing with BBQ)
Mon 19 Sept, 6pm | Film night        
Tues 20 Sept, 6pm | Costa social    
Weds 21 Sept, 2pm | City treasure hunt
Thurs 22 Sept, 2pm | Games afternoon    
Thurs 22 Sept, 6pm, Escape    Weekly Hub – Independence
Fri 23 Sept, 12 – 4pm | Newcastle International Freshers' Fair    
Fri 23 Sept, 6pm | Pool night
Sat 24 Sept, 10am – 5pm | Metro challenge
Mon 26 Sept | Newcastle Freshers' Fair
Tues 27 Sept | Newcastle Freshers' Fair    

All events are open to Northumbria and Newcastle students and we welcome anyone regardless of background, religion, ideology, nationality, sexuality or anything else. Student Life is a diverse and welcoming community of people from all sorts of different backgrounds who meet together to eat, to build friendships and to explore the big questions of life. 

If you know anyone coming to study in Newcastle, please let them know about the Student Life events. Or if you're someone who lives here and want to meet and encourage students, you're welcome to join in too!

You can find out more on the Student Life in Newcastle Facebook group.

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